As we all know by now, computers and chips are embedded in everything – the fridge, lights, etc.  Ubiquitous computing isn’t that new but we all know the growth in “smart” devices and that fact that things/devices are “Everyware” has all changed our lives in some way, shape or form.

The Internet of Things refers to “things that think” and started with the invention of RFID tags (Radio Frequency Identification).  With these smart devices reporting their every move and status through the Internet anytime, anywhere and anyplace, new software and monitoring techniques have evolved.

If you are like me, I often forget to turn off the lights and my coffee pot in the morning.

Enter WeMo:  The latest iPhone App that will help you to control all of the devices in your home.  Although the App is free, you need to buy a modified plug in for your devices ($49.99).


I contemplated this…and for the number of times I have forgotten to turn off my lights, I probably would get my money back within a year. 

What do you think?


Rare Indeed

Sometimes I see it

A man walking with a lady

He walks right. She holds him right.

I quickly look away.

Sometimes I see it

He protects her from the wind.

I turn away and think she is soooo lucky.

To be loved from a man who treats her well.

When I see a glimpse of it, it reminds me of being with a true gentleman

I miss that and as I was told to be a lady is not to look when a man is a

Gentleman with a lady so I turn away and give them respect

As he shows his affection for her.

Sometimes I remember and am sad because his life was so short lived.

I wish to be loved like that once more.

Because the gentleman I met all those years ago had a quality that is

Rare indeed.

Giving A Thank You

At times I sit back and try to reflect on how different my life would be if there were not individuals fighting for the freedoms of this country. The nature of those personalities are quite extraordinary, they are truly a kind that are purely selfless. To stand up for the morals of our country displays a true sign of honor and gives others an insight on how those individuals really live their lives. A life of respect, integrity and compassion which many seem to forget are only some of the attributes of the men and women who serve for this country. It takes great commitment and pride within oneself to want to take on the role of being a solider. They at times, need to leave their families for long periods of time to bring peace upon on other societies, a little fact that we seem to forget. Soldiers take pride in their way of life and I for one respect them for that. Those combatants are strong willed and determined characters and will put their livelihood on the line just for future generations to have a life of freedom and democracy. The training these people must endure can leave most of us speechless. The sights and sounds these soldiers must face while on the battlefields are scenes most people can never imagine or are only presented to us in movies, television programs or documentaries.  People in the military strive to protect humanity and value it in the highest regard. Therefore I encourage everyone to remember our fallen warriors and the warriors before us on November 11, 2012 and to wear a poppy to show respect for them and our country.

Submitted by j.wadsworth

Soul of Halloween

Are you ready for Halloween? Do you have your costume(s) all ready? Is your home decorated to the 9’s with goblins and ghosts? Either way, if you answer yes, or no you have to stop by a store located in the Downtown City Centre Mall called “Soul of Halloween.” Be careful though, you may get scared even though there are lights on.

This store has everything you can think of for Halloween. There are varieties of decorations. From a running pumpkin, a lady who lifts her head off of her body, to a man with a sword over his head that he brings down into the space in front of him. Sound effects, yes they have sound effects. If you like the scariness of coffins there are some props of coffins there too. If you need a costume why not dress as Michael Jackson when he turns into that zombie, Elvis-if you want make him look dead there’s accessories for that, Gomez whom already looks dead, or any of a number of Star Wars characters, such as: Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, R2D2, or Chubawka. Go for a scarier costume with the use of monster masks. If you just need accessories for your home or costume this is the store for you. They have different colored spider webs other than white, mustaches, beards, wigs, swords, and make-up. Hurry though things are going quick.

Soul of Halloween is located at

Edmonton City Centre

102 Avenue, between 103 Street and 100 Street.

It is on the lower level by the East food court.

Have a safe and scary Trick or Treat!

Stress and Relaxation

What stresses you out? Some known stresses are health issues, loosing a home, bills, or family matters. How do you relax from these types of stresses? Here are some ways to destress:


You may try to sit crossed legged with your back straight, arms bent, leaning gently over the knees, palms up with thumb and middle finger connecting as you inhale deeply and exhale singing om. I have heard that it works. It offers relaxation.

Deep breathing:

Try deep breathing this consists of place yourself in a comfortable postion. Then do approxiamately 10 deep inhales and 10 long exhales. Deep breathing may also assist you when angry as deep breathing is known to be just as good as counting slowly from 1 to 10 when angry and wanting to keep your calm.

Warm Bath:

Another destresser is a warm bath with destressor soaps, soft relaxing music playing, and when you get out use a calming moisturizer such as lavender oil all over your body.


If you have money to spend go to West Edmonton Mall and use the Cloud 9 Aqua Massage. This feels wonderful. Prices vary from $20 to $70 dollars. I just did the 10 minute massage and I felt wonderful afterwards. As the machine massages you, you are able to set the place where you want to be massage to sit for an extended period. I do reccommend that you do allow the machine to travel from your neck down to the tips of your toes and back up again.

Cloud 9 Aqua Massage Contact information is below:

Phone: 780 444-0806

Address: West Edmonton Mall,

8770-170 Avenue

Edmonton, Alberta, T5Z 2Y7

So, which relaxation method would you use? Meditating, bath, or massage?

Preventing Suicide

Recently, the television publicized how bullying led a teenager to commit suicide. All the talk made me wonder how I can learn how to help anyone avoid suicide. I had to research. This is what I had come up with:

Please note that as this is a serious issue I highly recommend immediate crisis intervention, psychological, and or emotional support for any individual whom you may know is suicidal. Some contact phone numbers from the phone book are listed below:

Find Support because it is Out There

Someone to talk to:

  • Phone a friend
  • Family member you trust

Contact Number for Support from Phone Book:

  • Contact a support line. Some support lines have a toll free number. They are located in the phone book, approximately, the first 4 pages.
  • As suicide incidents have affected individuals of different ages, I have provided numbers with varying support services. Please call as these numbers are there to help you or share them with someone whom needs them. Send the numbers to someone you feel may need them. If need be stand by them as they make the call or dial for them. Show them you care.
    • Distress Line 780-482-Help (4357),
    • Bullying Hotline: 1-888 456 2323,
    • Kids Help Phone 1-800 668-6868,
    • Child Abuse Hotline 1-800- 387 5437,
    • Government of Canada for reference to specific support you or someone you know may need at 1-800-OCanada

Also from the phone book with the list above was the Teen Support line, which had a lady talking on the other end saying “Hey there sexy guy…”  I did not use that number on this blog. I am just sharing this bit of information with you so you are aware of some numbers that show them as a support number but actually may not be.

Seek professional help:

Do not be afraid to seek professional help!

There are psychologists and psychiatrists whom will listen and assist you with your problems.

Psychiatrists may guide you through your healing process using a number of stimulating meridians to heal emotional problems. Some of them may be Neuro Linguistic Programming- NLP, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing-EMDR, Thought Field Therapy-TFT, Acu-Power, and Be Set Free Fast-BSFF.

One therapy that uses a bit of each meridian is called the Meridian Therapy System. It is said to be so simple even a child can learn it. And each time you use this technique healing takes place.

It consists of 5 steps:

1                     Target the Problem: Be specific

2                     Rate Your Feelings: Keep your progress so you may see that your feelings, fears, anxiety are lessoning.

3                     Affirmations:

4                     Follow the Tapping Sequence

5                     Take Stock.

Note: “Recent studies show that when love or unconditional acceptance is present the healings that result are even more impressive,”

Statistics on Suicide – World and Canada:

  • Men are more likely to commit suicide than woman. 591 Men have died from suicide, while 558 men have died from car accidents from 1990 to 2000. (World Health Organization a.k.a WHO)
  • Women are hospitalized from their attempts of suicide at a rate of 3 to 4 more times than that of men. (Canadian Mental Health Association aka C.M.H.A)
  • Weapons of all types are used to commit suicide including: knives, guns, pills, cars, and water. (Wikihow)
  • Suicide around the world takes place every 40 seconds. ( WHO)
  • In Canada every 15 per 100,000 people commit suicide. Northern Canadian areas have higher suicide rates of 75 per 100,000 people (WHO)
  • Populations such as the incarcerated, teenagers, elders, and mentally incompetent are also at high risk of suicide.
  • Connection has been noticed between individuals with a history of sexual abuse and suicide.
Deaths Age
Second leading cause of death in Canada 10-24 years of age
24% of population in Canada 15-24 years of age
16% of population in Canada 16-44 years of age
73% of hospitalizations for attempted suicide in Canada 15-44 years of age
Suicide/Risk Mental Illness
High risk Mood disorder
90% of suicide victims Diagnosable Psychiatric Illness
15% to 25% Major depression & Bipolar disorder
Seasons Distress Calls/Suicides
January Distress calls from November & December continue into January and return to normal volume at end of January
July and August Highest rates of suicide
Autumn – vulnerable teens, perhaps due to them returning to school. Very high risk for Aboriginal teens. “Suicide season”
November to December – may evoke feelings of familial bonds. Depression rates increase. Suicide rates do not increase. Increase in calls with a calm down in end of January

All information in the table above from: Canadian Mental Health Association

The following are links that relate to suicide are: “Child Suicide,” provides reasons not to commit suicide, and “Easy Ways to Feel Happier,” which provides ways to deal with depression.



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Related Issues:

”Easy Ways to Feel Happier” by: http://www.ehow.com/way_5382397_easy-ways-feel-happier.html

“Child suicide” This article provides a number of “Reasons to Avoid Suicide”


There are so many signs of it around. We are all staring at it with eyes wide open just trying to forget about it. It is the same thing year after year; we all get a little depressed about it. The hours of our day seemed to be spent in the dark. We wake up in the dark and of course we go to sleep in the dark. We watch the leaves change colors’, from green to yellow, orange and red.  The temperature outside slowly dwindles down to the below freezing mark and we wake up to the frost on our lawns and cars; oh the enviable scrapping of the windows. Then we realize it is here, winter I say, winter. Living in this wonderful province of ours we are graced by the ever prominent four seasons. We either have the choice of trying to deny the fact that most become miserable during the colder months but really we need to absorb the true beauty of this season. The beauty of a fresh snow fall and how it blankets the landscape or the little tingles we get on our faces when the snow falls upon it. Even watching the excitement of small children making a snowman; or the ever precious moments of the snow angel can make winter have an everlasting impression on ourselves. I on the one hand I have no problem with this season; I could care less of the latest fashion trends during these months as long as I am warm. The warmth of my winter jacket and snow pants, the snug feeling of the wool socks and the numerous wraps of the scarf around my head always gives me a chuckle. Like my mother always said, “Dress for the weather and it will never be bothersome”, and I live by that motto. The winter protects the parts of nature that need to take a little time to themselves to hibernate and have a few months of privacy, if we could only get that time. So albeit, winter is here and it will soon overwhelm us all; with mountains of snow and ever treacherous terrain we must guide ourselves through. Just take your time, enjoy the moments and know it will all soon be over.

Submitted by j.wadsworth