There are many great places around the world that I would love to go and see, but here are my top five (in no particular order)!


Bora Bora




What are your must-see places?


أليس مدهش ما يمكن أن نفعله مع التكنولوجيا هذه الأيام؟
هناك دائما اختراع جديد، في كل وقت للمساعدة في كل أنواع الأشياء المجنونة. حتى سنوات قليلة مضت، كان اللغة الوحيدة كنت أعرف الإنجليزية. الآن، مع أحدث التطورات في مجال التكنولوجيا، أستطيع أن أتكلم تقريبا أي لغة عن طريق نسخ ولصق
أيضا، على ما يبدو، حتى يمكن لكم! (إما أن يتكلم اللغة العربية أم لا)

وعلى أية حال، فإنه يجعل لي أن أبدأ أن يتساءل ما يعرفه الناس في الواقع وإلى أي مدى تظهر فقط أن تعرف، بسبب حصولهم على التكنولوجيا.
أغتنم هذه آخر على سبيل المثال. وأنا أتكلم العربية، ولكن لا حاجة لي لمعرفة كيفية التحدث باللغة العربية لكتابة هذا المنصب. ويمكنني أن استخدام التكنولوجيا لوضعها في أي لغة تقريبا.

لذلك يجعلني أفكر، لا وجود الوصول إلى التكنولوجيا تجعلنا أكثر ذكاء، لأن هناك المزيد من الأشياء المتوفرة لدينا؟ أو لا نحاول أن نجعل التكنولوجيا لنا من أن تكون أكثر ذكاء، لأننا لم يكن لديك لمعرفة الكثير؟ ما رأيك؟

أيضا، كم كنت قراءة هذا المقال بلكنة عربية؟

Here are some of many great television commercials! Some are too good and make me want to get the product even if I don’t need it.

These are some great and fun marketing commercials!

Cadbury Chocolate

Old Spice

Discovery Channel


That Discovery Channel one is stuck in my head!! So catchy, I guess that is what makes it a great commercial, one that gets stuck in your head.

How many of you tried to ‘eyebrow dance’ with the Cadbury Commercial?

Rush, Rush, Rush!

As a student, I feel as though life is rush, rush, rush. Rush to do assignments, clean, appointments, and exams.

You see, I am a full time student. I recently handied in my 2 week notice to my boss, thinking that will lighten my workload. I still feel like I am rushing around even though I am no longer volunteering or working. As for my assignments, I feel as though I am done one and onto the next. Or worse I feel as though I have a few notes for my reports that are due next month or in December and all of this information, how am I to put it in order when I feel as though I have no time. Then there is my house cleaning which, I feel I sometimes start and don’t complete it all. I want to move that bookcase somewhere else soon. Which requires me to lighten the load of books on it and move it, when I have the time to that is. My appointments I feel as though I re-schedule. Although, I know I can inform my weekly group meetings that I will not attend as much. Perhaps every few weeks will do. I will miss those meetings though. Finally, my mid-term, which I had today. I felt so rushed in doing that exam. I felt like it’s alright I did good and then as I walk away with no more time left to complete it I remember something! I remember that when it is a negative it is good and the business should go forward with the investment in equipment. I felt so awful to remember that after the exam was over and I put no, don’t go for the expansion or something to that effect!

All in all, I feel as though all of this rushing around does keep me occupied and I look forward to more positive results with all of my hard work. I will continue to find ways to lighten my work load so I may continue with being a full time student! And hopefully I am a successful student with good grades!

There is always a deadline to be adhered to whether it is in school or in the work field. There is always something that should be done with your full integrity and honesty put forward. There is always a task or assignment that needs to be done with your own personal effort. All of these and many more are life’s challenges. We are given these challenges to be successful in life and to show others how hard work, goodwill and determination pay off in the end. You pass your classes in good faith by producing assignments that you have done yourself to your instructors so you have a clear understanding of all material you have learned; which in turn is a reward to yourself in the workplace; knowing that you can do your job because of the knowledge you learned in school. Then when the quizzes and exams come your mark is represented by the actual work you put in to it. Just like when your boss gives you a task to be done and has faith in you that you can do it without relying on your coworkers. The instructor is then given an even clearer representation of your skill when you are called upon in class to give the correct answer because you have seemed to know how to do it on all the assignments. But then you are so embarrassed and speechless as a result of not knowing the answer since you seemed to have copied answers from your fellow classmates work without understanding the theory behind it. This is not the first time you thought you were going to get away with it, even your boss thought you could handle doing the company’s balance sheet because you said you could. But then again you copied that from your fellow classmate as well while you were in school. This is the third time your boss has caught some of your mistakes and you are left there sitting in their office without an explanation. How are you going to say you can do a job to its fullest expectations when you could not even do your own schoolwork? In addition, how could you put on your resume that you are deadline oriented when you were continuously asking for extensions throughout the school year? Furthermore, how could you highlight on your resume that you have excellent time management skills when you could not even make it to any of your classes on time 80% of the time?

I write this today to give people on overview of how the little things make up the big picture. If you cheat yourself today you are cheating yourself out of a promising and successful career. If you cannot completely focus on your achievements in school then how can you set realistic personal goals and objectives in the real world? It is a real hard situation to be put in when you see fellow classmates cheating themselves. This is a hard lesson for them later down the road. It becomes a situation of should of, would of, could of scenarios. All of us know that by setting own personal codes of ethics we give ourselves boundaries and guidelines to abide by that enable us to actually achieve our own personal greatness. If you want to be a leader or even someone that individuals look up to; an individual needs to develop a true picture of honesty and integrity and be able to portray it to the people that surround them on a daily basis. Therefore when a person asks you to see your answers before they have even done the work themselves question their ethics and ask to see their work so you can compare your answers collectively. And if you don’t, you may need to question your own code of personal ethics.

Be true to yourself and only good things will happen to you in return.

Submitted by j.wadsworth

Have you ever wanted to publish your own ebook or even a paper-bound book?   Lulu.com is a self-publishing website.  It allows you to upload an existing file such as a Word document, apply design templates, and convert it to a printed book in a variety of formats/styles (or ebook).  You also can create professional-looking photo albums and calendars using your own pictures.  With Christmas around the corner, this might be a unique idea for gifts.

The website also offers the opportunity to buy and sell books.  You can find a large selection of books for purchase and prices vary from free to $100.  You can also sell your own published book and Lulu takes a small percentage of the sales.

Try it out!  You can setup an account for free.

Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful for all the great opportunities we get.

It’s a day to show the people who have been there for us how thankful we are.

For me, everyday is Thanksgiving.

I’m always thankful for everyone whose there for me and all the great things I’ve been blessed with in life.

Many people wish to have just a little of what we have.

Clothes, shoes, food, and even parents.

I would just like to take this moment and show my thanks for everything I have been blessed with. My parents are the two people I am most thankful for, they are always there for me through thick and thin, always protecting me and working hard just to provide for me and my brothers. I appreciate everything they have done and sacrificed for me.

I am always thankful, everyday, every second.

Always show your thanks and appreciativeness, Thanksgiving is not just a one day celebration.

Everyday is Thanksgiving. Maybe not everyday includes a big turkey =P