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Are you ready for Halloween? Do you have your costume(s) all ready? Is your home decorated to the 9’s with goblins and ghosts? Either way, if you answer yes, or no you have to stop by a store located in the Downtown City Centre Mall called “Soul of Halloween.” Be careful though, you may get scared even though there are lights on.

This store has everything you can think of for Halloween. There are varieties of decorations. From a running pumpkin, a lady who lifts her head off of her body, to a man with a sword over his head that he brings down into the space in front of him. Sound effects, yes they have sound effects. If you like the scariness of coffins there are some props of coffins there too. If you need a costume why not dress as Michael Jackson when he turns into that zombie, Elvis-if you want make him look dead there’s accessories for that, Gomez whom already looks dead, or any of a number of Star Wars characters, such as: Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, R2D2, or Chubawka. Go for a scarier costume with the use of monster masks. If you just need accessories for your home or costume this is the store for you. They have different colored spider webs other than white, mustaches, beards, wigs, swords, and make-up. Hurry though things are going quick.

Soul of Halloween is located at

Edmonton City Centre

102 Avenue, between 103 Street and 100 Street.

It is on the lower level by the East food court.

Have a safe and scary Trick or Treat!


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